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Companies to avoid?

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I'm new to the group and I'm just in the process of buying a 125 Dragstar. I have about 7 years riding experience from 1997-2004 nut haven't been on a bike or the scene since. I don't have my full bike license yet and have just retaken the CBT and theory to get myself ready again.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips on good insurance companies, and who to avoid?

Any help is much appreciated.



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if you can, avoid all, they all will try to grab how much they can from your account. read carefully the contract before you sign it and if is something unclear, ask them. don`t go for the cheaper before you understand exactlly what they offer you. you may need some more things like they offer you. things like cover for riding other bikes, personal cover, gears insurance, recovery, hire bike in case something hapening with yours, etc.

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bennetts is relatively cheap but they royally sting you for mid term changes

Correct. Am with bikesure through the club here and got a good deal last year.

On renewal this was hoiked up by 50 quid. Quickly checked with Bennets that were cheaper than last years insurance.

Quick call to Bikesure to ask them wtf they were thinking.

Now cheaper than last years insurance.

Happy days. (shop around and play them against each other - you can get a good deal)

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