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Anyone tried this? - neverwet


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Why would you "shit on paper"? Don't you have a bog? :shakeno:

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I was looking for something to seal the underside of chrome parts - mudguards and the like. Waxoil do a clear spray so nothing lost.

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Waxoil is good stuff but I thought it was only for the inside of things like doors and panels on cars, my mate has used PLASTIDIP on his car wheels on the inside to keep the worst of the crud off and it's been on there for about 2 years now and still going strong, it does not completely cure off and so when it gets damaged it seals itself over, just a thought, you can find it on Google and it comes as a spray or tin I think and you can buy just a small tin or great tubs of it. Not cheap tho but if it keeps your bike rust and dirt free worth it in the end I suppose.

PlastiDipGroup300x300.jpg our recommended Primers, which are available in Clear and Grey.

Available Colours

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I use this for my boots, gloves and trousers. Seems to work ok. They also do a spray for textile jackets but I haven't used it yet.

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First drop of real rain (localised flooding!)

The G-wax works a treat. After a 20 minute cloudburst which closed a few local roads my socks stayed dry, as did my hands and my trousers started leaking at the crotch just as I got home. The spray I used on my jacket kept most of the rain out, only started seeping through the arms slightly but tbh not sure if that may have been sweat! Not sure if it may need another spray though - rain was so hard even cars were slowed down to 20mph.

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