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Insuring someone elses bike?

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As some of you may know before i got my FZ6 i had a SV650... well i still have it and she now runs beutifully. my old man was asking if i was going to insure it this year as he was wanting to use it now and again when eh fancied a change from his st1300.

Would he be able to take out a insurance policy in his name, just for him, even though im the registered keeper of the bike?

Fankkks :)

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Maaaaaaaaaaaybe....... maybe not. Depends on the insurance company.

In my experience, most will insist that the insured person is the registered keeper and main rider.

You could possibly insure it yourself and have him as a named rider, but if you have another bike the company might not do that as it would mean your father could technically ride it every day.

As I see it - Sign the bike over to him. Get the insurance as if he were the registered keeper and IMMEDIATELY afterward, send away the V5 (just in case you need the details on it while arrangingthe insurance).

It won't cost you anything to transfer it over and so long as he keeps the little New Owner slip until the new V5 arrives, his insurance it will be completely legal.

Chat with his insurance company and see if they will let him add it as a second bike to his existing policy. Many will do this for small amounts (I had one quote of £2 to add a second bike, once). Again, he might have to be the registered keeper, but see what they say.

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I agree with Ttasky about transferring ownership.

My experience, and Lee of this parish can agree or not, 2 years ago was buying a bike for my son and when I tried to insure it for him it was too expensive, so I then tried to insure it in my name, and they all asked if I was the registered keeper. When I said no (cos I had sent the v5 off in my boys name), no-one would take it any further.

I got round the problem by changing the v5 to my name and buying him the virago.

Car related, but I am the registered keeper of a vw beetle, but my wife is the main driver

she is the registered keeper of a honda civic, but I am the main driver

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Aye lee" spoke to Grant Varnham at EXPO in birmingham N.E.C. on monday, i thought you"d be there. :jossun:

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