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F***king Ice!

Guest Tomg

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Well said Andy I suggest you clear off and stop using the irish name, It is an insult to thwe good people of ireland you foul mouthed tw*t


Hi all. My name is John and I am from N.Ireland and a new comer to this site. I have read what merv wrote and Andyrose and I have to say thank you bud. I do not like the piss taken out of the Irish people and would ask that person and he knows who he is not to do so...

I Thought I had found a real home when I came onto this forum and thought to myself here are people like yourself John like minded about bikes and crazy mad about them...

I have read through all the boxes and the stuff about that person who calls himself Irish and that is an insult to me but I have to say I am not pleased that the forum have people like that on here...

I thought that this was a site/forum for talking about our passion BIKES and all having a laugh and getting on with one another. If you have nothing sensible to say then just keep your mouth shut. If you have something that will be of interest then lets all hear it but if not then I ask you nicely please say nothing and keep it to yourself ok.....


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welcome to the forum John

I am a truck driver and have spent many a happy hour with the Irish drivers on ferries and in differrent places, they have all been good company cracking jokes and helping out when we have problems, Only been to ireland once went across from Belfast out past Donegal town to a place near Glencolumbkillie or something like that called Errigal fish, Fanatastic people not what i expected. I was kind of expecting them to maybe slightly anti british but no I was welcomed with open arms


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