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dt 125 re standard jet size?


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hi folks anyone no what the main size jet is for the re model? think i might have to upjet a size bike doesnt seem to be running right since the dep pipe was put on.

she goes n all..ticks over fine hits 75 not a big diffrence from when i had the stock downpipe on except the power band feels strange-she will start to scream and then gives up- now when im on my brothers dtr 2000 his is running like a charm power-band pulls like a train and his bike seems alot heavier than mine??

now before i got the dep system on i put my brothers on to try just to see (fitted ok except for 1 mount was off) and the bike took off like a rocket and went off the clock lifted in 3rd ..but as i took it off the clock-80..she bogged down and came to a stop and fired up again after 1min and done the same so i took that the sign for up jetting-

so i got mine on and she just didnt feel the same and didnt have that nice tinny 2t sound, sounded weired hard to expain.so took it for a rip and she goes ok but just not right and seems to be over revving when coming to slow down so has to be running rich or lean not to sure.

anyway ive ordered a a 260 main jet the bloke in the yam shop said they run on a 240 couldnt check on the bike as i was nearly 2 hrs drive away and hes posting it.so just wondering if anyone would no in advance?? what else could it be??

ill get a good look at it tomorro- oh and another thing i got myself a new exhaust gasket with the pipe but got it off ebay said the right size for the model but seems bigger and doesnt go in unless theres a nack to it _)? dont fancy getting the hammer anywere near my engine incase of damage to it.

cheers for anyones time - dtluke

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sorry. just was a bit of topic i didnt need to no the size off an 88 dtr main jet. post wasnt helpfull at all sorry if i sounded blunt!

yes the bloke also said the uk dts were 210 and -240 for an import(as mine spanish..i dunno im confused he said the dtr main jet was 210 and re diffrent or have i picked him up wrong.

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1999 - 2003 dtr was 240, some older dtr's were 210... the DTRE is listed as being 210 so a 220 will be ample for the DEP I reckon

cheers mate i will get too look at it tomorro after work and check . should of really waited untill i could see myself its just that i was at the yamaha dealer and it was a spare of the moment thing. sure i cam ring them anyhow if its wrong and get another just that he has to order it in to post to me tryed everybike shop and they say the same they dont stock them but can get them.


what bout the gasket how comes it seemed a bigger and dont fit.

cheers dtluke

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if it wont tap in gently it's too big...proceed with caution

I have used the same gasket many times over though myself lol

defo too big then i think..seem to be a bit blowey well oily just..ok well ill let u no if it runs any bettr mate hopefully the over revs coming to a stop will go too bike dont seem happy at all.. thanks again folks dtluke

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found out my problem 1 of the power valve cables has snapped and not opening up right ..well not opening at all just ordered 1 its the longest one.. is this a common problem with the dt? i did upjet to a 240 but cant really see the difference yet as the pv isnt letting the bike rev high it runs ticks over fine on the 240 jet?

but yea i reckon when i put my brothers exhaust on to test it must of snapped then because when i put mine on after it was shite lol.. hopeing well half ( KNOW ) :eusa_shifty: it should be cured after this pv cable is sorted :idea::eusa_think: theres no other thing for it??

ps- i now no why it is important to keep regular checks on the bike and that includes engine -power valves would never of thought of it otherwise , might just pop the cylinder off to clean the powervalve.as i notice a bit of an oil leek so prob will need new o rings. and clean any carbon buildup while am at it.(tomoro is another day tho!!) :icon_wink:

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