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water in my crankcase!!!

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hi guys im new here, im having problems with my engine rebuild on my dt125r its a 00 model, to start with there was water in the crankcase when i bought it but i never thought much of it as i was buying it to rebulid anyway, but now iv stripped the head and barrel off and checked the condition of the barrel and piston and all seems fine... but when i hold the con rod and lift i can feel slight play (up and down play) is this ok or do i need to replace bearings? the bike is for off road use only so doesnt need to be perfect.. and wot oil is best to use? cheers for any help.... oh and wot would be the cause of water in the crnkcase???

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If the play is really to feel: Replace the bearing.

If you put the piston-pin with the bearing in the Piston-rod and feel some play when pulling/pushing toward the crank, than you have some work to do... :( There should be NO play you can feel.

There could be two reasons for the play: upper and lower rod bearing. If its the lower one... :cry2: . the upper one is eays to change.

Water in the crankcase? This is for breeding TURBO_GOLD_FISHES !! :icon_biggrin:

No. There shoub be normally no way for water to come into the crankcase. This has to be tight. If the Bike was standig a long time in the rain with dismounted carb, there could be come water through the intake. Just blow it out.

If the DT125 is the old aircooled model, so have after the first start an eye on the plug-colour, there is often a problem with the crankseal on the left side... :closedeyes:


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