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Go Pro Question


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Hi All

Sorry if this is in the wrong place,

I have a gopro hero2 and wanted to give it some use on the bike, i have seen there are sucker pads, are these any good? i dont want to use a chest strap in case i am seen doing 51 in a 50 ;)

or has anyone else come up with any ingenious ways of attaching it to interesting places on your bikes



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I have used the suction cup mount on my fazer and it works very well. I still tether it to something incase it falls off but to date it hasnt even come closer to unsticking. I usually suck it to the fuel tank, you need a reasonably flat and smooth surface for it to work.

I personally use a suction cup mount, handlebar clamp mount, chest mount, and some sticky mounts, you can get a load of different angles with that collection.

check this one out, I mounted my go pro to the center stand using a handlebar mount:

I have plenty of other places where I have put it, will try dig out some examples tonight.

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3m sticky pad gopro mount that comes in the motorsport kit is the best.

Stick it on the side of your lid.

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