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Urgent: Dragstar Owners!!!

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Oh dear, it looks like the invincible infallible Yamaha Star product line might not be worthy of the hype as predicted!
Who the fuck ever even *suggested* they were, aside from you?
Again, you're the only one who has even imagined such a concept to begin with. You're making shit up in order to tear it down and are arguing against your own point that doesn't even exist!!

Quick, bring out Ttask to disagree with everyone in spite of obvious evidence to the contrary!
Oh I'm already here, kid. This is my thread, in case you hadn't noticed... though I'm sure a trolling fuckwitt like you would only be here because of that! ;)

Wow, it almost makes you think that maybe, just maybe, these bikes from this period might actually have a build quality issue because they are *shock* budget cruisers!
Well fuck me... the kid has a point. Dragstars are shitty deathtraps that kill people!!!
Now, lets go look on the owner forums of other brands, just to rub in how fucking awful Yamahas really are - Harley Davidson, Victory, Indian, Honda, Suzuki, Kak, Jing Chen, Hyosung, Enfield, Norton, BSA - Oh look: Dozens of threads on all their bikes about problems, broken parts, lacking build quality, design flaws, defects and so forth.

That must mean... ALL bikes are shitty deathtraps that kill people!!!
Let's get a nice safe car instead... nope, wait, the vast majority of those have similar threads on their forums too. Hell, everything from an Aston Martin to an FV432 has mechanical, electrical, design and build quality problems.

Looks like your only option is to get out and use your dumpy little stoat legs to walk everywhere.

I like proof, because it's incontrovertible.
Then when are you going to use some for existing cases instead of making your own up to argue against?

These bikes are what they are, they aren't beautifully hand crafted engineering masterpieces.
Is that what the bloke told you when you bought your piece of fucked up shite off him, then? :lol:

any bike, well cared for, so long as it wasn't overly compromised at the design or manufacturing stage, will serve it's owner well.
Yep, we pointed this out to you in the opening responses of your own ranty-bollocks thread. Despite any design flaws, the Dragstar range still serves its owners perfectly well, so long as they are cared for.
Yours was severely mistreated. You bought a duff. You were fucked over by an unscrupulous or simply ignorant seller.

This is why people still buy Harleys, because for all their faults, they are built to last.
Really? :lol:
Tell that to the numerous Harley specialist mechanics round here who are making a fucking mint off the rich riders perpetually bringing their machines in for work. I'm sure they'd *love* to hear how they really don't need to be in business fixing up oil leaks, replacing parts and so forth.
Also tell that to the likes of Sonny Barger, who rates Japanese bikes well above the Harley build quality. I'm sure he'd be delighted to receive your amazing insight...

They only cost a bit more brand new compared to a Jap bike, but don't depreciate anywhere near as much.
The cheapest new Harleys costs almost twice what the upper end Dragstar does.
Your concept of 'a bit more' is somewhat skewed. But then, if they were as cheap as you claim, you'd have bought one instead of a seriously questionable-condition rice burner... right? :D

Why? Because the people who buy them look after them and they're not compromised on design and build quality just to lower the price point.
Harley riders also don't generally ride their bikes anywhere near as much or in as wide a range of weathers as the general Jap Cruisers do. As for design and build quality - See above, along with reviews pitting the Bolt against its Harley equivalents.

the point stands, irrefutably:
What, like all your other irrefutable points we have irrefutably refuted? :lol:

Never trust a bike just on a brand, because I guarantee that they will quite happily let you down, ESPECIALLY if they have a legendary reputation.
Who here ever said they had a legendary reputation??!!
YOU are the only one with that concept bouncing around inside your empty little head, kid.

You'd actually be better off with a Sinnis Apache, at £1500 brand new, than a 10 year old XVS 125 at the same £1500 after it's been dropped and lowsided a bagillion times and everything is rusted, scraped, the chrome is pitted, the piston rings which are like unicorn shit are beyond use and Yamaha want £480 just for a CDI box so you have to wait for someone elses bike to break just to get one as a scrap part.
So... you really *are* here to just rant and ramble and kick off because you got fucked over in a purchase and wish to tar every Dragstar with the same brush.
'Nuff said, I think.

You're clearly not here to contribute anything to the forum beyond malcontent and trolling guff, so do yourself a favour and fuck right off.

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Your a complete fuck whit.

Cant be assed with your petty rant any longer. grow the fuck up and piss off to a chinese bike forum. if your that fucked off with yamaha ad tis xvs range why not sell your so called heap of shit and buy a so called proper bike that will never rust and never gets a single mechanical problem.

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Also tell that to the likes of Sonny Barger, who rates Japanese bikes well above the Harley build quality. I'm sure he'd be delighted to receive your amazing insight...

I have only one thing to say to you, and that is FUCK SONNY BARGER AND FUCK HIS OPINION.

He's a criminal scumbag partly responsible for founding one of the largest criminal organisations in the world. His organisation has killed, maimed and exploited tens of thousands of people since it's inception, and indirectly or directly negatively affected millions worldwide. This is an organisation that has systematically and almost single-handedly destroyed the reputation of the biker for over half a century. They have helped found a culture of refusing to wear decent safety gear that has arguably killed and maimed a vast number of people over the decades in the name of the "biker lifestyle" and aesthetics. He has absolutely zero credibility and is a blight on society, who deserves to be brought to justice for his crimes against humanity.

So if you want to take advice from this Hitler-grade piece of shit, then you're more of a complete and utter bottom grade moron than I gave you credit for, Ttask.

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That's two things.

Sonny also fully admitted in writing that the Harley build quality is vastly inferior to that of Japanese bikes and that, if they had a choice, he and all his evil 1%er criminal ilk would have dumped their shitty Harleys for nicely built Jap bikes. It's an opinion shared by many riders, 1%er and otherwise, worldwide.

So fuck that opinion, yeah?

So given how the empire of evil has been built on piece-of-shit Harleys that they didn't even like - where are we at here, now... You hate Harleys and think they are bikes for biker-scum, or that the biker-scum have made exceptionally savvy bike choices, or that only criminal wannabes ride Harleys and endure the dreadful build quality in order to look well-'ard?

Add into this the fact that none of the Harley specialist mechanics round here actually ride Harleys, you have yourself a conundrum... Off you go, then!

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This post is 3902 days old and we'd rather you create a new post instead of adding to this one. You can't reply in this post.

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