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1970 Yamaha 250 Enduro DT1C front fender

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Hi Guy's

I have a 1970 Yamaha 250 Enduro DT1C with a 21" front wheel. My bike originally had a 19" front wheel.

I believe the 21" front came stock on the 1973 250/360 bikes with a low mounted front fenders.

Does anyone know if the 73 front fender is different from the earlier 68/72 low mounted fender?

The Yamaha parts list shows the same part numbers for all bikes using the low mounted fenders from 68 to 73 including 125cc and 175cc bikes.

I have an original low mounted front fender, but it doesn't clear my 21" front wheel. Maybe my 3.00 x 21" tire is to large not sure. But the fender also appears to be to short.

I'm not believing the part numbers should all be the same. I have a feeing the fender I have belongs on a 125cc / 175cc and the 250/360 fenders are different.

Anyone know?

Thanks, Ron

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Hi Ron

I have a UK 1976 Twinshock 1G1 DT 175, this bike has as standard fit a 21" front wheel, and a low mounted mud guard, when I first got the bike it had a 21" 3,00 front tyre fitted and it cleared the mud guard , I now have the correct 21" 2,75 tyre fitted, I can only assume that my mudguard should fit your bike too, I believe that there are two sizes of low mounted mud guard, the DT 100's and some DT 125's had a smaller wheel and as a result had a smaller guard, you can see on some of DT100 pictures in google images that the front stays have a larger bend in them than the front stays on the DT 175 because the radius of the smaller mud guard is less


One of the other members 'rh-dt100' posted this pic of his/her bike, and below is a poor pic of my bike but you can see the front guard stays


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Nayruff is spot on,,, the stays [brackets] are different sizes, even the lower stay, the 19" wont line up with the hole in fender,

i found this out the expencive way, :eusa_doh: ,,,i have a 19" chrome lower and upper R/H, Spare , i was hoping they will keep up with the price of gold,,, :rolleyes:

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Thanks for the info.

My tire is a Dunlop 90/90 x 21 which is equivalent to a 3.00 x 21 but must be a bit oversized.

So it appears the fenders are the same but the brackets are different. From the pictures, I have the longer set.

I'll try another tire and see how the fender fits.

Thanks again, Ron

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Hi Ron

I may be wrong but, I believe there are 2 different sizes of low level Mud Guard (Front Fender) used on the AT/CT/DT bikes, A small diameter fender is for the bikes with the smaller diameter wheel and there is a large diameter fender for the bikes with the 21" diameter wheel like mine and I think yours, both fenders have specific to type/size mounting stays x3 (brackets), If your bikes front wheel is like mine 21" dia, then just like my bike only a front fender and stays x3 (brackets) off a bike with a 21" wheel will fit, I can only find pt numbers for the bikes listed below.

Front fender pt nos AT/CT2/3 (308-21519-00-00)/(316-21519-00-00)

Front Fender PT nos CT1(214-21510-00-35)

sorry for any confusion


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Hi Aj,

You are right. I took another look at the Yamaha Parts list and didn't realized the parts list shows part numbers for 2 different fenders and rear stays


Prefix 214 is for 19" and 308 is for 21". The 2 front stays whether for the front 19" or 21" have the same part number.

70 DT1C, with 19" front wheel

front fender: 214-21510-00-35, rear stay: 214-21512-00-93

73 DT3, with 21" front wheel

front fender: 308-21510-00-35, rear stay: 308-21512-00-93

With the prices I see on Ebay for the 73 fender (308), I think I might be better off to return to the original 19" front wheel and use the low mount fender I've already have. The bike would be more original that way too.

Thanks for helping me figure this out.


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Dont forget in the early days Yamaha offered a GYT kit which could offer a 21" front , piston kit , high level mudguard and exhaust.

I also have a DT1B with a 21" wheel which isnt a standard wheel size for that year, i think if you want a 21" wheel you will have to find

a later mudguard.


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