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Insurance renewal quote £150 more than quote from the Meerkat?

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My insurance expires next month and my renewal quote from MCE is £200 up this year.

When I looked on the comparison websites, MCE come in at around £100 cheaper than my renewal quote.

Is this a common thing?

In another note, I would like to ask what you think...

My insurance was £650 last year with 2 yrs NCB. In March a van reversed into me at traffic lights and this claim was paid by third party's insurance. But when it came to renew, my renewal quote is £850 with 3 yrs NCB...???

They said over the phone that the non fault recovered claim has made no difference to the more expensive renewal quote. But when I spoke to a different broker, they said that it does make a difference even though it wasn't my fault.

Now I would like to know if I can claim this extra expense from the third party as I now have further loss in terms of higher insurance premiums for the next five years.

Any thoughts? Or am I the one who's a bit funny here?

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even non fault accidents put your insurance up

it should not ,, but it does

as far as they are concerned you were involved in an accident therefore you are now a higher risk

hence, more money

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Na this is very common mate, Its best to change your provider every year as your current one will either stick at the same price for as long as possible or just knock it down by a couple of quid.

Put it this way i went on compare the market to get a quote for my 1988 austin mini 6yrs NCB and the Co-Op quoted me £280 fully comp

I then went onto Confused.com, cheapest again was again Co-op but this time at £265

But get this, i then went onto Go Compare, again Co-Op was the cheapest but was now asking for £220? all exactly the same details and the same goodies.

One provider i say to avoid with your bike tho is Hastings, their customer service is bollocks and as soon as my time is up with them im going else where.

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Challenge them on it. Get the quote reference number, then phone their renewals department up and play them off against the cheaper one.

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