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power valve help pleasee

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I finnaly got the right Alan key to undo the power valve pulley cover on my dtr 125 , I found that the wires had been disconnected and wedged open. Then while trying to find a better position too hook it up to , and testing it out to see how I would like to set it up, I ran out of petrol, didn't take it off reserve prrevious day as didn't really fill it up much. I then wheeled it to petrol station without putting the cover back on for the pulley, and the screw must of came lose to the pulley think I may have fitted the wrong screw earlier as was getting dark I rushed. I now have no pulley and the power valve closes even if I find the open.spot by turning the "diamond" by hand. Gets hot too. Now I'm forced to drive at low revs gives it a scooter like feel the least amount of throttle is faster than more throttle.(as the valve .is closed it won't let much airr expel from the exhaust) so the lower revs work better than higher.) But suprisingly I can pull up a.hill.in 6th easily from literally a mm or 2 of throttle with a lil momentum behind me . This is until I can buy a new pulley next week, does anybody know if I need to rejet or possibly stop using my bike till I get it sorted don't want to melt the piston if that is.possible.

And also does anybody know if my bike a 98-03 dt needs to have a wire earthed to stop the power valve retarding. I know this is the case for 04+ models mines a 2001 model .

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