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Oil will be history,,


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i used to work with a guy who came from brazil

he said petrol was expensive over there, but in the past few years certain manufacturers had brought out a couple of cars that only ran on different fuel.

the different fuel was made from sugar cane which they had plenty of ( cannot remember what he called the fuel )

but anyway the cars were more expensive to buy but their fuel was dirt cheap, so in the long term the owner saved money, and i suppose sugar cane fuel is eco friendly ( ish )

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I think thats pure Ethinol benny, can be mede from wheat too,

While were taking about south Atlantic,

There was an old woman from Ezores

Who"s c**t was all festering sore"s

The dogs in the street used to eat the green meat

That fell thru the holes in her Drawr"s

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Yeah, but have one in mind... We cannot afford to make fuel from food. Number of people is constantly going up, and there is possibility of lack of food.

Maybe some bio diesel from grass and leaves will be invented soon, and that is the best we can count on.

I have read a lot about NASA space science... the first Discovery is almost 30 year old, and it is powered by some nuclear power battery with size as normal car battery much or less (or it can power normal house for 10 years). That might be key to all fuel and electricity problems (imagine instead of power plants, high voltage transformers, transmission lines and cables, you just had one 1m x 1m x 1m lets say hole with a battery in it, and your house is connected to electricity) but as long as we have consumers society we are not going to see something in production which will save money, and make you free from bills.

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