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crazy little bike ehh?

Here are the specs:

5.5 hp engine. (modernized Ural 2T)

3 Gears

Max. speed 60 km per hour

Wheel diameter 740 mm, Width 220 mm wheels

Tire pressure 0.13 kg / cm

Clearance 370 mm

Front fork angle 55 degrees

Seat height 750 mm

Gas Tank 5L

Weight 47 kg

Brake disc on the intermediate shaft

Front-wheel drive chain from the intermediate shaft - double universal joint chain front wheel.

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Love it !!! :biglaugha:

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Life is just like toilet paper.

Your either on a roll, or your taking shit from some ass hole.

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I seen that a few years ago Elvis and though wow how cool at first,,, then I though what a waste of time considering all the problems we have in the world to fix and someone has the money and time to build that.

also I reminded me of how much I hate finite math

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