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XJ600 Project

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3 piece bathroom, wow.

I usually shit, shower and brush teeth in one fawcet ;)

Makes sense to me.

unfortunately S.W.M.B.O. doesn't really approve.

Happy Wife. Happy Life.

Therefore I mostly go when I'm at work. Or in Public Conveniences.( Well you got to get the smell in these places somehow..)

p.s. pedantic me says :" Faucet." But I wouldn't listen to him.

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XJ sitting in back garden under a Oxford Bike Cover.

Finally moved into Bungalow last week. Had a lot of joinery work done to it,some electrical. Heating sorted. Loft floored. All the spares are up the loft now. Will put up photos when I get them on Photobucket.

Plans are to sell old house so have ready cash for hard landscaping. Slabbing the area where my Man Cave is going.

Still hope to have the XJ on the road this year. Got a meeting tomorrow at work which looks as though we are going onto a different shift system It will include Night Shifts & more Unsocial Hours Payments. Which means extra pennies to spend on the XJ ! :hyper:

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Ballingry ! Wild West Outpost of Fife ! Will put up some pictures.

Dont know when though. busy busy.....

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Hope this works. 1st pic is how we got our Bungalow. 2nd pic is how it looks now.



The space to the left of the Bungalow on the 2nd pic is where my shed will go. Prob 12x8 or 12x10. not sure yet.

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Yer hoose " looks like wid , bye the way..... that lift sketch wiz sheer brilliant "and that you know,,,, :spin2:

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Non Standard Construction.

Wooden framed. Plasterboard walls. Wooden cladding.

If you lie on the slabs you can see all the way under the house cos its on legs ! !

Limited lenders for mortgages though. Limited = 1 ! !

Limited vendors for house insurance too. So went with the lender.

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Latest Update.

Still no work on the bike. ( I know I know. But just wait)

Started getting people in to quote for Hard landscaping the garden which includes the big slabbed area for my new Shed/Garage/Man Shed !

Work should start in a couple of weeks. So New Shed before Christmas !! Will have power to shed so I can have Light & Heating to work over the wiinter.

Luxury I know. Will post pictures of work as it progresses.

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Hi pal , ive just finished doing up a free xj 600 , and it looks lovely.....see my pics. Had the same problem with my carbs , leaking like hell , seems when I stripped em , the tank had rusted and the rust and shit was stuck in the float needle , so I cleaned em , blasted em with compressed air and put them back together .

I put fuel from a container via some hose into the carbs before fitting to see if they still leaked , they didn't so happy days.

They are a bit of a bugger to fit , make sure you lube the rubbers to aid fitment. I also fitted an in line filter . But you have to run the line under the carbs , then that's where the filter sits out the way , and then up to the carb inlet. Gravity feeds the fuel. If you try to fit the filter by the tank it will starve of fuel.

I,d disconnect the shock from the swinging arm assembly before ordering a shock cos my swing arm was seized , I freed it off and re greased and now its ok.

Let me know if you have any more problems and I,ll try to help.....I,m now a dab hand on yammy xj clutches as well !

The lads on here are great , I got loads of help from here.

enjoy the job , and take your time , its worth the wait , they are a great old bike when they are done right. Reasonable handling and great brakes for the year.

Richie D

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Thanks richiedan40 !

And if you are willing to travel to help I may take you up on the offer.

Wales-Fife nice run.

Can give you a bed,feed you,unlimited tea/coffee biscuits.

Just got to wait until garden & Man-cave are all done.

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Yes, I read your Project Report.

Fantastic work. Will be using it for reference as well !!

Work on the bike is on hold till the Man Cave is in situ.

Before that I have a lot of work on the house & garden. The house is getting some cladding where it wasnt finished in the original build. ( House was a Community Build in 2000. I have some bodges & finishing to do since I bought it last year). Cladding was finished TODAY !!!

Garden starts Sunday. 1st of 2 20ton skips getting delivered Friday. Mini Digger starts on Sunday. 3 days of digging & clearing.Then its retaining walls,slabbing,step building,ramp building,monoblocking,fence repair,order Man Cave,Build Man Cave,empty loft of tools & bits,put XJ in Man Cave. Start.

Just glad most of this is being done by Professionals. If I was to do it myself it would take a year !

And ,yes it would be a bit chilly riding up to here over winter. But if you ever feel like touring up this way then accommodation is always available.

And if you like a wee dram of whisky then I have a few Single Malts to try. ( 12,14,16 something like that. May be even 20+ ).

Sitting on the decking on a nice summer evening after doing some good roads on the bike, having a wee dram . Nice.

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Building work ( as opposed to digging out) has begun ! Due to illness,hurt builders & weather etc we are about 2 weeks behind.About 30 tonnes of soil & rubble dug out and put in 2x20tonne skips.



Alsodue to the weather we have got some graphic illustrations of the need for drainage. This whole area was 1 big pond. Found the remains of a Victorian Land Drain. So now added onto the project is drainage pipes to tie into existing runs. Oh. And the bit in the picture is the bit before the bit that has to happen before the bit that I can order the Man Cave. Approximately.

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