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2002 DT 175. Couple of re: engine noise and starting

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Hi all. I'm new to this forum. I recently picked up a 2002 DT 175 in great condition and with only about 5,000 kms (3,000 miles) on it. Mainly bought it for my wife to learn to ride on and for us both to do some trail riding in the nearby hills and forests ( I run a DR 650). It's been years since I owned a 2 -stroke. I did run around on a DT 175 as a teenager in the 70's but can't remember much about any wrinkles it may have had. Despite low miles the bike sounds like it has a rattle, which I have a very half arsed idea could be the little end. The rattle worsens as motor warms and is in time with increase or decrease in revs. It could be of course be that this is just how DT 175's sound. Any thoughts anyone?

Any thoughts appreciated people.

Cheers BB

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Welcome to the forum.

Lovely little bikes the DT, bit lacking in go but you can't have everything. I'd have a good look round the engine for the rattle first. I'm not discounting the little end but at 5k its a little early. The engines are very 'agricultural' esp compared to that 650.

Loose bash plate or exhaust bracket would be what i'd be looking for first.

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