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Howdy! :D

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Hey All,

Just wanted to say hi!

I picked up my first Yamaha (1978 XS750) this weekend, and I think its going to be a real (fun!) project. :D I'd been debating the merits of the XS750s vs the (Honda) CB750s for a month prior to buying this bike without coming to any overwhelming conclusions, but the price on this particular bike ($300) steered me toward the XS.

There are (at least) evident electric (harness) and aesthetic issues, but I'm excited and can't wait to get to work turning her into a budget cafe. This will be my first, and I'm hoping to do a serviceable job with another $1,700 (for a total of 2G).

Quick observation: in the 24 hours since I actually came home with the bike, I've been amazed with how many more readily available (online) cafe parts there are for the CB750 than the XS750. I can't wait to search around this forum to see how other Yamaha owners approached their cafe projects.

If you have advice, I'll love it! :D

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you all know that I am excited to own this bike and to have found this forum! :D

Pics to come soon...

Texas (Dallas)

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Hi and welcome to the forum Texas.

For me, UK based, it is amazing how cheap and plentiful project bikes are in the States.

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