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Rip off eBay sellers!


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Been plundering through eBay looking for parts for my project.

Spotted some nice delkevic footrests, was about to click the Buy-It-Now when I noticed his shipping cost of £5.95 was mainland UK only. Shipping to NI was gonna be £19.99!!

What a rip off. I've posted much bigger items (like plastics off Juniors PW50) from here to mainland, 1st class recorded for £5.

I actually contacted the seller to ask how he justified his costs, got a reply today after a week - telling me not to contact him again!!! Lol

Rant over, normal service will now continue :)

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If it's any consolation, I have the same issue (only worse, usually!) trying to get stuff to Guernsey. They usually refuse to believe that it costs the same as UK delivery, except for large or heavy items, but they seem to think it's OK to take UK postage, double it, then add a 0 to the end!

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Aye,,, pisses me off too,,,,,, parts are cheap but to post is £19.99........ Fuckin un-real.

There shooting themselves in the foot,,,,,, some of them parts cant be got here but i know about 5 people that will not buy them because of the postage.

Specially me.

There is a way arround it though,,,,,, if ya know someone overthere,,, post parts to them and then they post to you,,,,costs about £6 then.

Theving bastardsme thinks.

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Fu*krs,,name and shame vic "

Its even the same £19.99 to post to Scotland Blackie,,,,,, how can they justify that ???


I for one would buy loads of things overthere but not at that postage charge.

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i can always post things on if your being bum raped by postage (no homophobic reference btw)

im down 'sarf, so postage to me is normal, and yer happy to post on

A kind off there James for us accross the water

Fair play to ya

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As james said lads, if y'all want me to forward a bit of post on for ya's drop me a PM,

as for the postage costs ive seen a few substantial quotes from overseas (most of the parts for the turbo have been second hand from the states) but then again they do have to wrap it up, send it to the coast, put it on a boat (toknaboot?!) and send it to my front door, so fair play to them

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