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Last year's milage

2 Wheels

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Bought me bike round this time last year (febuary)

Just checked milage there a while ago

I've clocked up 3970 for the year.

Usless information,,,,,,,, just thaught i'd share.

Who has done the most and how has done the least ???

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MOT due next week, so mileage done so far on the DTmx175 is just a little short of 1400. By the time the MOT is done I'll be just over it I guess. The 400 did a little over 400.

Not quite as much as you 2 wheels.

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Same here pat, 3.500 on me H2 . and 1500 , on me ZRX,,, its being traded in next week for a classic , i hate modern bikes ,

A 1985 ZL900 ILiminator ,


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Jaysus John,,,, that is such a good bike ta be trading,,,,,,,but i suppose that ZL900 looks nice too.

Do ya still have the Z900 (75)

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Aye pat , the Z900 was finished , but wen trying to start it the Valve timing shifted , hauled the head off, and timing chain guide/ tensioner . and idler were all fucked, thats why it was in a box, so rebuild is on , two bent valves too .

Any way the Zl iliminator is tidy mines is in Red, thats a demo [ black] in picture.

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well up to last friday when i traded it in i did 9863 miles on the tt600 in the 11 months since its last mot,but i have no car and the bike is my only means of transport, and i ride all year apart from snowy conditions

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