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YBR125 Headlight (or lack of light) considering using Dominator's

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Hi everyone,

i have a ybr125 and quite frankly the headlight is Sh!t, i have upgraded the bulb to a 40/45W halogen whitch made a dramatic differance from the standarrd bulb however for night time B roads its still a little scary.

now im not an idiot trying to street fighter a 125 or anything, however....

i have seen the dominator headlights and standard they take 60/65W bulbs added to that obviously there are two of them next to each other....

i also have a 55w bulb but that is blue... so quite hard to make out what different objects are at night when everything is blue, and i cant seem to find any brighter bulbs to fit the standard headlight...

so im wanting to know do any of you have any experiance with the dominators? or know of a much brighter buld to fit my standard headlight?

hear's a link to the dominators that i am looking at...


i know it would probably look rediculouse on a YBR, however it is purely for practicality as i use it as a work-horse commuter.

any feedback on this would be muchly appreciated, thanks Tris ;)

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Up for suggestions about HID upgrade kits aswell if anybody knows where they can be found for this bike and also the cost :) thanks again Tris ;)

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You may have an issue keeping your battery charged up if you start using large capacity bulbs.

See the pinned topic -125 lights are rubbish

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I'm sure there's a massive thread on this very subject. try the search feature

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