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What SPARES do you keep in stock?


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With quite a number of us keeping 'older bikes' on the road, I was just wondering what does everyone keep in stock in their shed/workshop/under the bed!

I've got a lot of bulbs and a spare clutch cable, a spare set of indicator lenses for my DT

and I keep a number of oil filters for my 400/4 with a spare throttle cable but thats about it.

I know that there are many spares available on ebay and the like, but in a few years time it might not be the same.

If i keep my MX for another 8 years it will be 40 yrs old. Buying and keeping a spare set of seals might not be such a good idea as over time the rubber will harden and perhaps start to perish and all the time the spares are available it doesn't seem necessary to stock them. but what about more hard to get parts or the parts which can be stored and will last. Like bearings and cables......

Ideally i guess the ultimate spares would be to have an entire spare bike: same model and everything!

but thats clearly not possible....or is it?

what spares do you keep or recommend for any biker?


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I keep dam all spares,,,,,, i have the best little bike shop near me here,,,,whatever i want he gets and usually has it in 3 days.

On the other hand, i dont throw anything away either,,, have loads of old parts,,,,keep them long enough and you will find a use for them some day.

I know what ya mean though bout stocking parts that will be unavailable in years to come,,,,,, but like ya say, ya cant really have all the stock of an entire bike. Anyway there are some shit hot enginering places out there that if pushed or challanged (bet ya cant make this part for me) they should be able to remanufacture what were all needing.

That be what i think anyway !!!

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A complete zx9r...in bits (snapped the frame in half when it almost assasinated me) lots of cagiva mito bits,lots of xl250r bits,some dt175mx bits,lots of zxr750h bits,lots of pulse adrenalin bits,some gsxr600srad bits,some zxr750j bits,some pug trekker bits,some ls650 savage bits,some klx650 bits.......i could bore you all with the rest.......

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I built me tracker for left over bits, still have crankcase, heads and various other bits. would never throw they, but i have given or sold a few to help out other peeps!

I still buy NOS stuff when it is cheap enough.

the Gilera is bekoning and I have already bought a tank from Austria (£25 delivered) and will need front end as it seems to be well bodged!

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So far then nothing 'specific' ...only various bits.

I've had a sleep since and was giving it some thoughts before i dozed off.......wife was already asleep#!!! .......had some weird dreams i can tell you!!! being chased by a spare tyre!!! :crazy:

heres my list of parts maybe to stock?? or I'd recommend to any biker....

In case of minor damage or failure you'd want to be back on the road ASAP without having to wait for stock to arrive

All bulbs

A pair of indicator lenses.

A rear lens.

All 3 cables :- Clutch, throttle and brake.

Oil and oil filter (if your bike has it)

length of petrol pipe

Tyre valves and caps

If keeping a bike long term and you've got space to store them

Any chrome parts.....keep them wrapped up nice and dry or well oiled for protection, ie chrome mud and chain gaurds,

a spare engine, which you've previously stripped and restored so it can be exchanged over at the drop of a hat!

spare carb?

A spare exhaust system........((my 400/4.unused OEM go for well over £1000 on ebay!!! they used to be about £200 I've since got a good spare now in the loft))

Wheel hubs front and back

Spare wheels front and back (OG!!)

Fork stanchoins...expensive to buy now...imagine the cost of these in the future!

Long term storage of these parts might not be sensible...

Brake shoes (the glue which bonds them on the shoe can distintigrate especially if kept in a dampish garage)

Mirrors, if the damp gets to them the silver comes off.

It's known that rubber doesn't store well, hardens over time so.....Engine seals, fork seals, Tyres, inner tubes,

Feel free to added anything else........

I think i would have thought of a load more but i fell asleep.....here i think I've discovered a cure for insomnia!

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I'm one of these that won't chuck anything out.

My motto is, "that will come in handy even if I never use it"

This is my shed before the clutter, you should see it now.


I can't even find my armchair now.

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I'm one of these that won't chuck anything out.

My motto is, "that will come in handy even if I never use it"

This is my shed before the clutter, you should see it now.

I can't even find my armchair now.

just thinking theres lod of room in there, so now youve lost your quiet place to have a beer...or two..or three :lol:

...........All 3 cables :- Clutch, throttle and brake.


you got a spare throttle cable NEO ? hope its a genuine one because the pattern ones I tried recently were useless...oil pulley cable the wrong length, more than one manufacturer, unable to align the pulley to the pin!!! Pattern brake and clutch seem OK but I tend to buy genuine if I can, funny the throttle cable is one thing I dont have as spare...almost never see them on ebay, ...genuine ones !!

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No OG I've not got a spare throttle cable, only a clutch cable mentioned in the first post

The post with the 3 cables says.....

heres my list of parts maybe to stock?? or I'd recommend to any biker....

All 3 cables :- Clutch, throttle and brake.

It was my list before i dozed off...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Yip i"v shed ful o" parts,,, barrels/ pistons rotors, Cdi, mudgaurds, , i like to think if i broke down in summer months its a quick replace of failed parts, and keep on the road, ,,, i"v a multitude of Land rover spares in house too , with two engines [300tdi.] & transfer box, too,,

only thing is, every weekend mechanic local kno"s this, and call round, and strip my stores, :secret:

be prepared , :thumb: , thats the moto drewp"s eh :hah:

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I keep just about everything even for bikes I no longer have ! I try to keep the stuff in boxes marked up with what is in them. So................

Plugs various grades for all bikes - buy them by the boxfull from fleabay

Cables for all bikes plus bowden cable, outer cable, nipples and stuff for making my own cables.

Oil - lots of it for all bikes and filters.

Spokes and wheel rims.


pistons and rings.

bearings for everything marked up for what they fit eg - 6202 wheel bearing for Triton front wheel

spare engines - a good way of keeping track of spare parts

taps, dies and hellicoils - all threads imperial, metric and japanese metric

thread guages and files

bits of brass, tuffnel, dural, phos bronze, delrin, ally for turning up spacers bushes etc


light lenses, bulbs and fuses

nuts, bolts and washers - all sizes and threads


crankcase sealer


blue hylomar


bits of inner tube

seat foam

dzus fastners

split pins


hand grip rubbers

footrest rubbers

plastic nuts and bolts for fairing screens

grp and carbon

electrical wire and connectors and shrink wrap

Tape - electrical and duct

cable ties

This is by no means all of what I have in "stock" and does not include tolls, lathe, mill, welding kit ( metal and plastic ) grinders, polishing kit etc etc. It seems to just creep up on you realy but I reckon all the stuff is usefull !

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