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YBR 125 Mainbeam and Hi-beam not working!!!!

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Hi Guys,

I'm new here but have found some really helpful things while I browsed over.

I got my YBR last week, no problems, running like a charm. This is my first bike, and only really started riding the day before I got it. (CBT)

The only problem I have right now is my headlight. When I got it, it was working, I've not dropped or crashed it but now, it won't work!!!

When I turn the ignition on (Key to on position, NOT starting it) the parking light (Small bulb) comes on. When I start the bike (Elec start) the headlight is supposed to come one, but mine isn't!

When I flick to high beam, nothing, no light on the dash to notify of it either.

I have replaced the bulb, and checked the only fuse I could find (Next to the battery)

I have checked what I can of the wiring, and everything looks to be spot on... but what is wrong with it??

Please help if you can, I soil myself when the street lights have gone out.

Thanks in advance.


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Hmm this is going sound silly but on mine i have a light switch on the right hand side with side light then full light with the high beam switch on the left. If the switch is on side light or full light then they come on as soon as i turn the key on...i dont think your full light should come on only when the engine starts as if you stall at night your light wil go off !!

So not wanting to suck eggs or anything have you played with the light switch on the right ?? If you have and you have changed the bulb it must be a wiring fault from around the light or the swithc wiggle some wires etc..

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