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XVS650 Help - Throttle Stuck?


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Hope you're all well.

Was wondering if any of you can help? Yesterday, after riding my XVS650 for about 20 minutes, I noticed that my throttle seems to be getting ‘stuck’. I slipped into neutral, opened the throttle and let go – the bike continued revving (throttle open). Switched off the engine, let it cool down for a bit then started again, same thing happened. The bike continues the revs until you click into another gear.

I left her over night and she seemed fine, until the engine warmed up. Then the same thing would happen.

Anyone have any idea’s? Could the cable need replacing? Or do you think a bit of cable oil will do the trick?

Any help would be MUCH appreciated as always!!

Thanks :)

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Hi Mate,

Take off said throttle from your handle bars and grease up your bars (i use bearing grease) replace your twist grip (not too far in as that will course it to stick) give that a go 1st.....if that dont work then id then start looking to see if your cable is rooted correctly as it could be a snag some where along the line. Lastly and most costly would be an internal part of the clutch on its way out?

But try the other two to start with. ;o)

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Is it revving even when the spring has pulled the throttle back shut?

Lube the cables anyway, make a funnel from a lump of blue tack and squeeze it on around the cable ends, tie the cables up, fill the funnel, have a coffeee, and let gravity do the work for you. Same with the clutch cable, engine oil is fine.

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have you got carbs or injectors?

If you still get the problem after lubing up the cables then if you have carbs then it "could" be a diaphram becoming technically F**KED But thats the worst case

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I know this thread is a bit old, but in case you're still struggling, or anyone else got the same problem.

I had the same problem. I'd just bought the bike so I took it back to the dealer. The mechanic fiddled with it for five minutes and fixed it. It wasn't the throttle or cables as I'd suspected. The fuel mixture was wrong and the idle set too fast. After he set them I had no more trouble and I've done about 6000 km over the last 9 months and had no more trouble.

The bike would run fine while it was cold, but as soon as it warmed up the engine would run very fast when I pulled the clutch in. I'd struggle with gearing down because it was running too fast for the clutch, If I partially let out the clutch again while it was in gear the revs would drop, but do the same thing again when I'd been riding and stopped again. As I said, they fiddled with mixture and then idle speed and since then all perfect.

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