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YBR 125 Swinging Arm


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Hi. I was adjusting the chain slack on my wife's YBR125 the other day and I noticed play in the swinging arm. On closer inspection, the bolt was loose. I took it out, greased it up and nipped it right up again so now there is no slack. The only thing is, I assume it should be torqued up correctly and the owners manual has no data on that. Does anyone have the correct torque setting and any other useful advice about servicing the the swinging arm.

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi, Try this for a start, if you don't have specific torque setting then this might help.

5mm @ 3.5 to 4.5Ft lb

6mm @ 6 to 9 Ft lb

8mm @ 13 to 18 Ft lb

10mm @ 22 to 29

12mm @ 36 to 43

These are just rough guides for the torques you need, they will pinch it up just enough so that they wont vibrate loose. :D

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Yeah, the thing is, I'm thinking that there may be more to it than that as it seems to me that over tightening may result in the arms being clamped onto their mounting when in fact, it needs to be able to swing. Have ordered a copy of the haynes now anyway so should have it soon.

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Hi whythedevilnot,

if your still around, did you get the torque setting for the swingarm?

I have a YBR 125 2007 and all I can find is this;


On page 4-65 and page 4-70 it has the 'pivot shaft nut' at 59Nm,

but on page 5-5 'rear mounting bolt/nut' it has it at 38Nm.

I'm confused so it would be great if you could let me know,

Thank's Paul.

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