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yamaha rxs 100 with a tzr carb on [ same as a dt carb ] 26 mm mikuni carb

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Hi I have been told that there dt > tzr carb give more power out of a rxs if ya fit one I have put one on my bike and can't get the jet size right iv try the standard jet for these carb with is a 180 and its spluters at top end though ever gear iv taken the front off the air box nd tryed a 160 nd its boggy when ya open the throtle nd revs to 11000 in first then only revs to 9000 rpm in 2en 3ed 4th nd 5th iv tryed a 190 nd feels like its on a limiter at 8500 rpm though. Every gear but feel like it wonts to pull but can't I try rpm nd a 190 and it does the same but at 8000 rpm , iv played with the neadle as well with every jet iv put it but now iv got the 180 jet in the the neadle all the way down nd its better that every jet iv tryed but splutters a bit up to end do I need try a 170 or what cheers dan

Need advice

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Have to agree with OG

Tuning carbs is a black art especially on a stroker (they have to 'breathe' properly) - I have have been trying to get my (4s) kwak balanced across all gears and throttle settings with non standard filters for over a year. Each time I think I've fixed one problem another one appears. I would start by going back to the original carb, jets, needle height etc and get the bike running right. Then if you really want to tune it, start by changing one thing at a time or using matched parts - airfilters to jet sizes & exhausts etc. TBH if you get the bike running OK on the standard settings you will have something that's pretty quick anyway.

Sorry this is probably not what you want to hear....


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Putting a large carb on a standard engine will do nothing but give you trouble , in the end you realise that the std carb will perform best and let the engine breath to its current state of tune , ie standard.

However if like me you wish to take the little rxs engine further , your best bet is to whip off the barrel and give it to a professional tuner who knows exactly what he's doing. Ask for a fast road tune for instance and have a rebore & piston while your at it. There is plenty of potential :D


Retain the original carb and upjet to 125/130 mains and leave the airbox alone. You can then re-fit and run it in and then see/feel the difference.

There's more you can do such as a different exhaust & fibre reeds etc but i would recommend you don't fit any type of foam filter as you'll run into a few problems.

There are a few other easy things you can improve on which all add up to a better rxs100.

i can also recommend a very reliable tuner which i used as well if needed.

i like my rxs's btw :)

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