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sachs 125 roadster

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hi new on here ,just wondered if anyone had any idea if the above bike has the same carb as the xv/virago or any info on jets etc.the bike uses the same engine v2 as the xv and i believe the carb is a mikuni any help appreciated.thanks

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Paul will know.

Locate Paulwhite... he has one, I think.

I know the carbs for the bike are indeed Mikuni, weather they are the same however is beyond me


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pm sent ......its a long one lol :lol:

(just for fun and incase he checks here 1st)

hi there and welcome to the forum :D.....(are you ready? lol)

the main jet is a 77.5 (standard) think the pilot jet is a 12.5 or there abouts and im not sure what model carb it is just know its a 38mm. but its the same engine and carb as the yamaha xv 125 virago so just try and get a manual for the xv 125 virago and that will tell you everything you need to know.......engine wise anyway. but the bike is a simple beast.

as to an exhaust expect to spend close to £200 for the complete system (standard) but you could try and find a highway hawk system if you have the funds.

my bike is in bits at the moment as i tried tuning it and it worked quite well for a while but the crank went shortly after. that reminds me,

if you have only just got it, get a high flow oil filter and totally flush the oil and top up with some good stuff! i wrote an article a while back on how you need to look after the oil as the crank seems to be a BIG weak spot on the engine! and il tell you now ....you dont want to have to split the engine to replace the crank! lol plus piston rings are like gold dust! and ....you might need to undo the right hand engine mounts to drain the oil through the sump plug as for some unknown reason they decided to put the frame in the way! so just undo the mounts and pull the engine out just enough to get to the drain plug.

il give you one more tip....enjoy the bike for what it is and dont think about tuning it as it just cant take it, and you will be wasting your money. honestly mate iv Had to rebuild my engine twice and spent about 400 quid on it and it still isnt fully working.

and Finlay .... B the best mods iv done so far is putting drag bars on it or renthal bars (makes it look like a street fighter!) and possibly a paint job.

so yeah soz for goin on lol :D and hope you find this helpful.

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