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help with a 125 dragstar


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At first I wasn't very interested in changing my bike(Dragstar XVS 125) at all because it runs very nice and it is in a very nice shape in every view. But you can't help it...10 kW just isn't very much ;). So I was thinking...is there a way how to get more power out of this bike without fear that i'll do any damage to the engine? I'm not talking about 30kW of additional power...but...if there is a not so hard way to get some power? At least to make the 5th gear a bit more cruising and lowering the RPM's. And to be a bit more confident when driving up the slopes;)

thakns for any help!

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Properly tuned, your engine should kick it all the way up to the top of 4th, leaving you 5th to change into and drop the revs while cruising.

While in 5th, a slow, steady increase on the throttle will gradually bring you up just past 70mph.

It's not a performance bike, but it is pretty well suited to blasting around town!!

Anything else, I'd really recommend trading up to a 250, 400 or even a proper 650 Dragstar.

Buggering about with the engine and stuff can really kill your resale value.

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only thing i can think of it put a bigger jet in it and change the sprocket size then ul get more torque (not allot but it helps) and u can get more acceleration/ more top speed depending on how many teeth are on the sprocket. but do me a flavor make sure u keep an eye on the oil cause mine blew up and i now have a pile of bits ( dealer didnt service it properly and forgot to change the oil )

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yeah ul not get alot but itl b a bit better up hill, mine used to do 50mph standard in 4th but sounded like it was screaming in pain lol. but it was a great ride i loved it .

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