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TDM 900 won't start (battery seems ok)


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I am the proud owner of a TDM900; it was fully serviced 3 months ago and a new battery was fitted by a Yam dealer due to it going flat over the winter.

I have ridden the bike at least every other week since (all dry miles); yesterday I took it out for a 20m ride, parked it in a garage overnight and this morning it won't start.

I attached a trickle charger, which indicates the battery is ok (3 of the 4 led lights glow) and when the ignition button is pressed there is a clicking noise, suggesting it is trying to start but no joy!

I won't pretend to be a mechanical expert, but if anyone can shed some light I'd really appreciate it (i.e. is it as simple as plugs?!)

Also- it would be good to get any suggestions of how to set up the trickle charger to the mains; do I need to remove any connections from the +ve andf -ve terminals?

I look forward to hearing from you :)

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can u bump start it?....my bike been fine till today when i decided to run with lights on, turned bike off for 3 mins whilst in a shop came back and bike strated to turn over then started clicking, i left it for 10 mins tried again almost started but back to clicking so i ran it down a hill and bump started it....took bike for a 20 mile run with no lights on but still would not start when i turned it off......battery is now on charge!

My bro has same bike as me and his only ever clicked...new battery didnt help either, it turned out the starter motor was buggered despite a garage saying it worked fuine on a bench test! Both our bikes are 22years old so we expect things will need replacing...thats part of the fun i think lol...dunno about yours though but try charging battery first i guess...

as for charging i always disconnect the battery from the bike....and never use a car battery charger, i have read that bike batteries need to be slow charged otherwise u damage the cells...so i use a bike battery charger.

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