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There have been a couple of topics recently that I have been searching for again but can't find them, using the forum search facility. Yes I realise it could be me :rolleyes:

One was how to fit a connector into a Tomtom One to be able to use an earpiece. It even had a circuit diagram.

The other was someone in a topic mentioning that they cut and stitched their own panniers - or were doing it.

If anyone can remember what the topics were or can point me in the right direction so that I can get it via the search facility I would be most grateful.


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I just put Tomtom in search and I got 15 posts

put panniers in another search and it should find it for you


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I did that and I have looked through all of them, but it is not finding the ones I recall.

The Tomtom one had pictures of the opened up device as well as the circuit diagram. I have googled it as well, and found a description, but no pics.

It may be my memory playing tricks

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Thanks OG

That's the one I found too when I Googled for it, but I thought I had seen a similar piece on one of the forums too, It even gave a Maplin's parts list, and cost I think, for the bits.

Bugger - I wish I had tagged it. It's me age.

thanks again

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Yes I think that's the one OG.

I have managed to find the reference to making your own panniers - it was Ttaskmaster - so have sent him a message

Cheers again.

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