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New 2009 R6 Colours

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Mate did you get your new 2009 r6 on the yamaha 3.5 year 0% finance? I was wodnering whther I could get the red and white 2009 one (link above) on the finance.


Mine is a 58 plate and it is on the 0% finance yeah. Not sure if you can get the above one too. Try George White in Swindon, i got £2000 worth of gear free with mine.

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you can get anycolour they make on the 0%,

but you cant have the one on the link, thats the 09 bike, so it only comes out in 09, along with a new blue, and a new black one,

plus the non uk bikes that all the supermarkets like george white and TAZ sell, they have the american colours, like the yellow and black flames. in case your a 4 year old :), they normally come on the 0%

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