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XVS1100 Dragstar fuel gauge


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Good afternoon all, I am a new to this forum but also new to Biking. Treated my self as a preretirement present to the above. Delighted with my classic bike but find the lack of a fuel gauge a slight disadvantage. OK I keep on filling up just not to be caught on empty but wondered if any of you learned people have installed a fuel gauge to their Yamaha XVS 1100 classic. Is this possible? Or do I just take a bit of a risk. :rolleyes: Happy with the latter too. Many thanks.

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You could tee off the fuel pipe and run a pipe up to the tank side. This will give you the level in the tank all of the time. Bit dodgy if you spill over or soneone puts a ciggy out down it though!

In that case thank you B);)

I was thinking something a bit more sophisticated. If you can install a gear change gadget, which I don't want, I wondered if anyone heard of a similar gadget as fuel gauge

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Nah mate - We just refuel roughly every 120 miles.

Zero your trip meter every refuel and away ya go!!

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Great advice Task' & simples 'tch'..!!

Just arrived from the tourer dept back to cruiser style - need to pay daughter a visit in Aberdeenshire (middle of no-where & inland)

Will now plan 120 ml fill ups..or thereabouts. BTW - Anyone confirm how far on RESERVE..just in case ?? (s'pose a can in my pan' out the question..?????? ) Hmmmmm.. !! Maybe NOT..!!

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120 miles was just a general guide for a group ride plan.

A lot depends on the individual bike and how you ride it - My FJ gets as much as 50+mpg on motorways, but drops to mid-20s in the town traffic... It also changes if I rag it like a mad thing!

So - Fill it up, zero the counter, then ride around normally until you hit Reserve. That mileage will be your approximate limit for planning. Now refill the tank before you forget - Note the amount of fuel you fill up with!

So with the Miles To Reserve figure in mind and the amount of fuel used, you can calculate rough Miles Per Gallon.

You can get the Total Tank capacity from the owners manual.

Subtract the Fill-Up quantity from the Tank Total and that will give you an approximate remaining Reverve measure, from which you can then calculate how many miles you'll get on Reserve, too.

I'm crap at maths, but even I can do this stuff!!

And yes, keeping a Can In The Pan is always a good idea, especially on long trips!

Just make sure it's something designed to hold fuel - A few of us favour those 2L bottles for camping fuel, though the big green plastic thingies usually fill a single saddlebag quite nicely.

I wonder if this is the oldest thread resurrected thus-far...?

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Gotcha - an thanks again Mr T.. Simple displacement really isn't it  (I was always crap at maths too but I understand that..) 

Apologies for thread resurrection but maybe a useful reminder to other new (cruiser) owners/returnees, who've previously been spoilt,  like me,  by all singing dancing luxury of big tourer.. I will be taking my 'big green plastic thingy' - just fits nicely :rolleyes:





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