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  1. 19 hours ago, mike1949 said:

    Blimey Terry, after having an XJ600 Divvy for 10 years when I retired in 2014 I was desperately looking for a XJ900 but found they were like gold dust so had to settle for a non Yamaha equivalent.

    If I could buy an XJ900 tomorrow I would jump at the chance.

    Hi Mike, just so happens I'm selling my xj900s. If your interested pm for further information and details @ kth..................com. thanks Keith. 


     Edit Don't want details like that in open forum, scammers and bots will use it. The private message system will be far safer, if mike, or others are really stuck one of the moderators can contact you directly by the email you used to register.

    Thx Cynic.


  2. Good morning Mike. 

    I see your after an xj900s, just happens that im selling mine, if you are interested then pm me for further information and details. 

    Many thanks Keith. 

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