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  1. 17 minutes ago, neversaydie said:

    No point going for a used one, likely to be in similar shape. High end ones are likely to be £400-£600, budget ones £200-£400. How about having the existing one rebuilt?

    Part number is 4TV2221030, original equipment is likely to be hard to come by

    Hi neversaydie, yes I agree. Picked up a used linkage and thankfully it's in good condition. Used shockers also seem to be only slightly cheaper than a new after market one. Did a bit of searching and Hagon seems like the best option. Thanks for the part number though, I'll look that up 

  2. Hi all,

    New to the forum so hi! Play nice! 

    The shocker and linkage on my '98 Thundercat have seen there best days long before I picked this bike up last month so I'm looking for replacements. Any recommendations? 


    Thanks, Chris 

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