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  1. I'm sporting a trimmed 4inch beard with 13 tats going from my fingers up to the top of my arm, only ones that really hurt was the fingers and just inside the arm pit.

    Best way I find growing my beard is keeping in clean and use beard oil. I use grizzly bear beard oil from boots and plain old savalon for after care for the tats. 


    Still got more to do to finish 

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  2. Again, did this problem start after you fitted the new pipes???? no point confusing yourself with compression tests and wasting money on test gear if it ran fine before you fitted the pipes as this proves that there is nothing wrong with compression to start with.

  3. Didn't it run ok before you fitted the straight through pipes and re jetted? 

    If so then this problem is something that you have given it. Most likely you have re jetted wrong and she is running too rich and is bogging it down.

    the rear cylinder will look in better condition to the front as it is protected by the front pot and your legs so doesn't get nearly as much shit n crap from the road. The only way your know if it is a new pot is by taking it apart and checking the tolerances.


  4. Tell ya what tho they are the best £22 I've spent. today I thought I'd wear my new winter gloves which soon become painful to have on. so being a bit risky I took them off and even at a tad over the national........... (open to imagination)  I had zero wind chill on my hands and it was as if I was riding with my hands in my pockets. will definitely recommend them. but not riding with no gloves.

  5. O yes, today wasn't as fun in the rain, wet weather gear (builders jacket and pants) worked great but hands got proper wet n cold so I've fitted a set of bar muffs to keep em dry n warm for the winter. 

    Next will be tassels n studs.............haha

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  6. 18 hours ago, Cynic said:

    The original 12 was an animal. Imagine a 150bhp lc.

    Sounds like the xjr has a gentle touch to make it better in the real world. 

    I could never bimble on a B12. Hoon and intimidate. Oh yes. Only the early ones though and the watercooled thing didnt deserve the name.

    When you say top heavy  how does it affect the front. My tdr turns much better with a full tank.

    What I mean with it being top heavy, it's when your pushing it back into the garage you feel it more than the 600 bandit. It is better with a full tank in the bends tho, but to be fair it's not a massive difference. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Simon46 said:

    Nice bike. How does it feel compared to the gsf? done an oil and filter change on my 96 b1 1200  14 K now all I can hear are noises!

    Its the time to buy 

    This thing kicks the teeth out of the gsf, I can only comment on the 600 tho as never ridden the 1200 so wouldn't know what they are like. But here is how think they compare. 

    600 Bandit: good bike, goes like stink but all the fun is at the top end and not much at the bottom thus you spend most of the time screaming the tits off it. Great handling and flows into corners brilliantly. Light and nimble which is good for manual handling and they are a nice low commuter. 

    XJR1200: Fantastic, oodles of low down grunt, long drawn out gears that seam to never end, you can simply chuck it in top gear and cruse down the road on tick over at 60, but then open its throat to go into full hooligan mode. Cornering is a doddle and it sticks to the black top like shit on a blanket. Tad on the heavy side when at stand still or general manual handling tho. Very top heavy with a full tank too.

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  8. She's here and after taking it to work I have to say I should have bought one sooner!! What a bike, stick it in top gear, 60mph and only pulling 2.5k revs, sit there and relax....... Open her up tho and holy dogs dangles does she pick up and bugger off down the road.

    Some blemishes on rocker cover


    Just under 50k on the clock


    Nice race can.




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  9. Could try taking spark plugs out and letting the pots vent for a hour or two. To be honest I've never actually flooded a motor and couldn't tell you a "good way" of doing it. 

    But thinking logically about it, venting the pots would be a good and cheap start.

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  10. Dose the throttle work and spring back as it should? 

    Did you replace or remove / meck about with choke cable? 

    Did it take some effort to get that fecking nipple back in the hole thus you lifting the butterfly up n down? If so you might have flooded it. 

  11. Not sure what was up with the bandit, three weeks before its went bang I'd just done a full service so had nice new oil and filter. 

    The bottom end was the old bit I didn't inspect or overhaul. 

    Will Def get some pics up as soon as she's been delivered. Plus you can never really stay away from the yams for too long 

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  12. Hey guys and gals, hope all is well? Not been on in some time as been having a right old nightmare! Keeping a very long story short I managed to kill the bandit! All that effort down the pan after the bottom end going bang in the most spectacular way on the way home from work. So she has now gone to a new brave owner after selling it for spares n repairs.

    But not all is doom and gloom, today me and the wife just made a trip up to Swindon to purchase a rather nice 1998 XJR1200 for a not so bad price And will be delivered next Thursday.

    took it out on a test ride and to be fair I really didn't want to go back to the shop, just wanted to keep going and going! So easy to throw the front end up and get the shaky grin on your face.

    will have to get pics when she's delivered

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  13. Popping is down to unburnt fuel firing in the pipes, my Betty (650 draggy) used to pop like a bastard and spit flames like a mother.............. this was down to bigger main jets and more air flow (but mainly due to the big jets)

    Try a set of baffles, this should give you some more back pressure and keep the un used fuels in the pot to burn off and reduce the over run back fire. You will hate the stock pipes, as tout said this big beefy bike turns into a grannies mobility scooter with them on and your soon slap the V&H's back on within a week.

    Or the other cheap fix is to ride past the dog walkers and not roll off the throttle.........no back fire then :thumb:

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  14. Na still not getting nothing, didn't do much to it this weekend as i was having a few birthday drinks so was not in any state to hold a screw driver haha. One thing i did do tho was plugged the clocks back in and when i turned the ignition on the nuetral light came on but the oil warning light didn't and i can't rememebr if this is on the same line as the starting sequence or not

    Might try and do a video of what its doing / not doing

  15. Well after buying one of these new build homes we came to realise that the gardens are more like Glastonbury festival than nice tranquil grassy planes. So after re doing grass seed etc etc for the past 3 years I thought screw it and done this..........warning it kinda shows off the female side

    Seats / storage area (still need painting and one more to be made) Nikkita had to pose too haha


    Fake trees and gravel (some slats still need painting) 


    Corner sofa idea


    Back rest made from off cut slats


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  16. Yer i did, all brand new electrical end of the starter motor, made sure as to spin the rotor by hand to bed the brushes in for better contact before shoving a current through it.

    Went to do the old electric drill on the front sprocket idea last night only to rememebr that its a shafty.......(DOH) so no joy on that. I then sat down with the wiring diagram and double checked every thing and all seams fine......?

    Going to borrow a multimeter from me buddy today and go find out what she's putting out and check me earths, its gotta be something simple as power is getting to the starter motor, just not enough to spin it up

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