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Yamaha Unveils the 2023 R1 GYTR

From the beginning, GYTR technology has been a critical part of Yamaha Racing Teams' success. As a result, Yamaha has continued to strengthen the connection between motorsport development and customer experience. This dedication led to the creation of the GYTR PRO SHOPS in 2021, offering racers and track-day riders a one-stop-shop for all their racing needs. The PRO SHOPS, which are set to expand from 17 to 25 locations across Europe, provide expert technicians and high-quality components for R1, R6, R7, and R3 bikes.

Starting December 2022, the new 2023 R1 GYTR will be exclusively available at GYTR PRO SHOPS. Built for racing and track usage only, the R1 GYTR offers a superior ride thanks to its CP4 engine and distinctive chassis. The bike features over 25 carefully chosen GYTR parts, as well as an Akrapovic muffler and link-pipe system, for enhanced performance.

Riders can look forward to improved power output and rideability across the rev range, with optimized gearing and agility. The R1 GYTR also offers a range of lightweight parts and adjustable ECU options, making it easier to push the limits of your ride. With improved braking, aerodynamics, and riding position, the keyless R1 GYTR delivers a top-notch experience for riders of all skill levels.

Key technical features of the R1 GYTR include:
- Akrapovic Race muffler and mid-pipe system
- GYTR ECU, wiring harness, ABS emulator, and on/off switch
- 15/42T 520 sprockets and GYTR R-Series 520 racing chain
- BS R11 tires and GYTR stainless steel brake line set
- Complete race cowling kit in primer white and GYTR race seat

In addition to the R1 GYTR itself, GYTR PRO SHOPS offer a wealth of extra parts, tailor-made settings, and expert advice for racing and track days. For those seeking even more, Yamaha is also launching a new range of racing components called the GYTR PRO line.








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