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Yamaha Factory Racing Rally Team Yamalube is Ready to Commence the 2015 Dakar Challenge

Olivier Pain

“As always it’s a pleasure to be back in South America. This will be my seventh time here for the Dakar but I’m still surprised by the warmth of the people and the welcome they give to the competitors. At the moment we are in a hotel about 70 kilometres from the centre of Buenos Aires, the perfect place to relax, acclimatise and recover from the flight. But even here, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the other hotel guests come up to us to wish us luck and politely ask for an autograph. We’ll stay here for a night. The whole team celebrated the New Year together and then it was be quickly off to bed. We’ll save the big celebrations for when we arrive back in the Argentinian capital on the 17th of January!”

Olivier Pain

Michael Metge

“We’ve been here a few days now and our preparations are going well. As the days pass the pressure mounts a little but I am confident in the capabilities of the new WR450 F Rally and in my own physical fitness and looking forward to the start of the race. Here’s hoping the New Year starts well for me and the team and we’ll have a fruitful 2015.”

Alessandro Botturi

“At the moment everything is very relaxed. The hotel we were staying at was perfect to get used to the change in temperature and do a little sport. This is my first time with all the team together and straight away I feel very comfortable. To me it seems like a big family, mechanics or riders, everybody is treated the same and I have been made very welcome. A very Happy New Year to you all.”

Alessandro Botturi

Alexandre Kowalski - Team Director

“The whole team has had the chance to rest and recuperate, while finishing off our final preparations, and now we are looking forward to going through scrutineering today. The riders and team members have all worked hard to get ready for this race and are proud to represent the Yamaha brand on such a prestigious global event.”

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