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  1. Whilst the dirt and the tarmac require very different machines to be competitive Yamaha retains the same philosophy of development in both areas, exemplifying the company’s spirit of development in the quest to create not only Championship dominating machines but also innovation for the customers of the future. Akrapovic The 2013 YZR-M1, the M1 standing for ‘Mission One’, is the latest incarnation of an incredible machine that first broke cover in 2002 as MotoGP made the move from 500cc bikes. Yamaha’s design philosophy has continued to move forward and evolve at the cutting edge
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  2. Fitting new tyres Basically, there is little difference between fitting a motorcycle tyre and fitting any other sort. The real skill comes in knowing what to look for and knowing how to accomplish the tyre change without later endangering the rider or damaging the bike. Most riders should know how to take out a wheel but there are still many who don't. There is a potential for enormous damage to be caused if this is done badly. Modern wheels can be delicate and very expensive things; they can have coatings on them that can be damaged, torque settings can be critical and great care must be tak
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