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Don't even know if im posting this in the right place so feel free to move it if its not.

I've had a quick look through your forum and it seems like a canny set up....

I have been riding bikes for nearly 21 years and ive only had 4 minor'ish accidents so im either good, lucky or saving it up for a biggy!!!!

Im a member of a north east of england bike club.

I have 3 bikes at the mo (and a few in spares)...i know that might seem excessive but i say you can never have too many bikes..my resident bikes are my trusty zzr1100 (c1 model) and 2 dtr 125's (1995+2001) and im off down the big smoke this tuesday to pick up a 2000 model R1. :D

Spent the summer breaking tzr125's on ebay but the market is dead now so its time to find a real job again until next summer :(

See ya's


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Welcome to our world Mick!

Unfortunately this place has turned into the last bastion of hope for mindless fuckwits to ask one dumbass question like "How do I turbocharge my DT50".....and then contribute nothing else.

There's basically only myself and Yamahead here out of the original mods and admins and we can't get round to welcome everybody on an individual basis.

But welcome anyway!

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