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Hi all. I am new to the forum having only joined a few moments ago. I have passed my direct access test this month and am after buying a YAMAHA yzf R6. There are a lot of models out there for sale and they were produced over many years.

I have been trying to search the forums and bike magazine sites for reviews on the R6 as I am trying to find out what is the best year to buy or to avoid. I know they changed things like graphics and frame colour etc in 2003 but could someone please suggest a year bike that is considered as the one to have.

Thanking you all in advance


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Hi and Welcome!!

Firstly good choice of bike! It is my first big bike and i love it as it is very responsive and apart from a slight lack of power up to about 6 or 8k is an amazing bike.

As far as i am aware the 99-02 models are quite twitchy at the rear and have been known to be more of a handful.

In 03-05 there was the shape i have, however the 05 model has a few tweaks such as USD forks and floating discs.

The 06 - onwards model is as you can buy new from the dealer. These are aparently not so good on the road as on the track as they have slightly stiffer shocks etc (I cant say never ridden on only going on reviews!)

If i was you i would go for as newer bike as you can afford. Prob the 05 model for everyday use or the )6 onwards model if i had the money to buy new!!!

Either way take it easy and learn the bike bit by bit as they arent slow in a straight line!

Hope that helps and im sure other will have their own bits to add!!!


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Defo 2003 model year or later. They got fuel injection and couple of tech mods that make for a better ride. I think 2005 they went usd forks and a bigger disc up front. Latest models actually better for trackdays but the power is further up the revs so unless you redline them you may be as fast/faster on the old one. There are some cracking deals on old model from the importers, just be carefull which model year they are offering, as u should get the usd fork model and not an earlier incarnation.

Bril sports bikes tho, not much better for the money.

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Hi Andy, I bought an 05 R6 in Blue just over a month ago and have been using it for weekend blasts and commuting.

Have to say I am absolutely loving it and would definately recommend it to anyone.

Unfortunately I have not ridden any of the other models to compare it against though...

I'm sure you'll enjoy whatever model you buy. :)

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I had the 99 model and it was mental. I'm not too proud to say that it was a scary bike at times which lead to me fitting a steering damper. Unfortunately, I can't tell you if that made a difference as the bike was nicked the night I fitted the damper. :blink:

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Hi Andy the best r6 in my opinion to start with is the 2005MY model can pick up cracking deals on pre reg stuff my mate got a all black model from george white in oxford for £5099 on the road i have seen used ones more expensive than that but if your really keen the 2006 r6r is bonkers got an 2007 model and lovin it to bits. good luck and happy hunting.

stu :D

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