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North Wessex Downs AONB

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May 6th Saturday 

Arrive about 12ish

Camp 1 night

Staying at: The Bruce Arms (pub + camp)

leave for home Sunday 

Anyone fancy joining me for this. So it takes me 2 hours to get there,,, set up camp,,,chill for a bit,,,eat,,, then I'm going for a 2 hour ride in a loop. (This could be longer but depends how tired my daughter is). I myself would ride around all day. Then back to camp, eat more and have a few pints. Sunday leave for home but in doing so will be spending the day heading through the Chiltern Hills AONB.

Really I'm just introducing my daughter to what a bike trip is like. The length of time touring around could be longer (hopefully) or shorter, just depends on how she feels or how tired she gets.

You are welcome to come and join as maybe more bikes would make it a more exciting trip for her. 



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Posted (edited)

Can't get the map picture up.

So basically

A)-- Burbage 

B)-- Savernake forest

C)-- Marlborough 

D)-- Broad Hinton 

E)-- Avebury

F)-- Devizes 

G)-- Shrewton 

H)-- Visit Stonehenge

I )-- Upavon 

J )-- Tidworth Road 

K )-- Burbage / back to camp 

This could easily become a longer loop as she can do 3 hours on the bike non stop.







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'bout 5 hours for me or 3 and a bit on the motorway.

tempted but a little too far for an overnighter


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4 hours ago, drewpy said:

'bout 5 hours for me or 3 and a bit on the motorway.

tempted but a little too far for an overnighter


No problem Drewpy, I might come up your direction the following month.

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Really heavy rain going down there on Saturday, but stopped just as we landed. We were both dry apart from my boots, I really need a new pair. Pitched tent, had food, camp place is nice enough,,, then took to the roads,,,,, some really nice roads there, even the B roads are nice.

Camped the night after I had 2 pints,,,, as usual I didn't sleep much at all. Sunday was lovely and sunny,,,, after breakfast we took off again. Stayed in the area for a while exploring,,,nice open countryside views. Lots of bikes around, most seamed to be in groups of 5 to 10 bikes. Eventually we started heading north for home,,, was around 1.30pm and we were still in Winchester so had to start getting my tramp on. Stopped in Goring for food, then Stoner, then West Wycombe, then Amersham, after that we turned for the M25 (only motorway we were on) and a quick blast home.

Was a nice area, nice roads, great views, 428 miles total. My daughter is a natural as a passenger no matter what I'm doing on the bike. 

Haven't many pics,,,,, can't post them anyway. Is there no way to just add them on here from my phone? Photobucket and Imageshak do not work for me.

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nice ride out.


I got a pair of Altberg boots, they are amazing. Waterproof and Altberg can repair them too.


As used by the police so comfy as fook. Got mine 2nd hand for £50 and they were like new


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