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Why no "ride other bikes" cover on my SR125?


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Bit of a mystery and I'm wondering if anyone knows the answer. 

I've been getting the ritual annual quotes for my bike insurance (an onerous but worthwhile task) and I've noticed a weird thing. When I get quotes from MCN, GoCompare etc. for my Yamaha SR125, none of the many insurers offer me Ride Other Bikes cover.  Whereas for my Honda 500, it's included in almost every quote. Both are comprehensive cover and obviously my details are identical. 

The only reason I can think of is that there's some sort of background judgment being made along the lines of "If you only ride a 125, we're not going to risk letting you ride someone's 750".  Which seems pretty draconian to me without checking whether the rider regularly rides bigger bikes. 

I was just wondering if anyone else had come across this and why you think it is?  



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It seems a fair assumption.
On the other hand, have you looked at a multi-bike policy?

Also, if you sub to this site, you get a discount with bikesure..!

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Posted (edited)

Multi-bike came out more for the first bike than I currently pay for both. Did I read in the forums that you'd had the same experience? If that has changed, where did you find good value multi-bike?

Thanks for the discount info!  Probably a dumb question but... the discount is for YAMAHA bikes (not other makes?)  insured with Bikesure by a YOC member?  I didn't find this explicitly stated in the Bikesure Discount thread. 

Reason I ask is my Honda's insurance is coming up end of month and it's currently with Bikesure!

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Realised I was talking rot that even *I* didn't understand!!
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Any bike, just have to be a full member here (shows you're more invested than the average guy with a helmet and something to do with it, or something)...

But phone them up and get your quote FIRST, before telling them that you're a member. I may be paranoid, but there's no reason NOT to be lol.

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Thanks - sadly I already renewed thinking it would be just for Yamaha bikes but I'm certainly gonna look into that for next time round.

I'm totally with you on paranoia where insurers are concerned!  My renewal quote came in with a doubled excess and higher price.  I was quoted better elsewhere and said so to Bikesure. My original excess was then reinstated and I was given a requote a full 33% lower!   If the insurer could do it then, why didn't they offer that in the first place??  Methinks "greedflation" is the answer.  You have to be on them all the time.. 😑

Right, off to the help threads! - my "baby" is sick and we just can't sort her out so I need some advice from all you lovely people! 😉

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