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XT125 12V Conversion

Fat Albert

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Hi all, I am rebuilding a farmyard-find 1982 Xt125 from the frame up and have decided that it is probably worth converting it to 12v as I will be fitting it with all LED lighting (all original lights/clocks are missing)

My question is: Which Regulator/Rectifier should I use? should I just go for a 4 wire generic one?

I have gone through what remains of the loom and surprisingly, apart from the switchgear and ignition switch areas it is mostly complete and looks in reasonable condition

anybody done similar?

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Hi, i have done my DT175MX to 12v using the kit from Rex Speed Shop, it might be worth asking them as they are very helpful, they dont list the XT125 but do the XT250/400 12v conversions.

Not sure on using LEDs as Rex say not to on the DT conversion, I'm assuming because at tickover the a/c current isn't sufficient for LEDs ?


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Hi there, yes if you run LED headlights the AC lighting coil won't light them up. But in theory that doesn't stop you running everything (all LEDs) off the battery and simple charge the battery from the charging coil.

Back in 2011 I wrote a detailed write up about converting my DTMX from 6v to 12v long before it was available in kit form. You might find it of some interest. Give you some idea of what's involved.

However, as Mark points out, worthwhile speaking to RexSpeed for sure.

It's in the Workshop section.


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