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'14 XV950 cutting out after fuelling up


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Hi all,

Full story of the what happened, I rode for about 2 hours, stopped the bike for a couple of hours, got back on and rode for 20 minutes to a petrol station, it wasn't chugging but it was very low on fuel, I filled right up as I always do, headed off, got about 200m down the road maybe and she cut out, started again on the roll and then cut out as soon as I gave more throttle. Tried to start at the side of the road but no joy, tried bumping multiple times but no joy, a couple of pops but no start of course. Another bike stopped and suggested brimming it could of been the problem so I tried without the cap on, no joy, disconnected the tank and poured out some fuel, put it back on, still no joy....

I'm mechanically minded enough to give any suggestions a go and I refuse to take it to a shop, I'm hoping someone's had the exact same issue with this model so I can copy a fix!

My next guess is the filter, I'm thinking some bottom of tank crud could of clogged it...

Any help please?


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I was about to ask if you had an inline filter...
Are you 100% SURE you filled up with the right fuel?

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Pretty much 100% sure yes, but it's like the 'did you lock the car?' question isn't it....

My findings yesterday though, I took the filter off and blew through it, fuel shot out nicely. I removed the filter and outlet or pump (not sure what it is) from the bottom of the tank, discovered the filter media on that has started to become brittle and a couple of bits near the top have broken off, so I'm thinking now that these could possibly have got through to the injectors and blocked one or both up, todays job is getting those off and trying to check.

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Update: SOLVED

Switched the engine off with the fuel line detached and found a pathetic dribble coming through. Took the pump out the tank, filter is very perished and upon stripping the pump itself, found some bits of crap in there and the magnet was covered in swarf. Did away with the filter, cleaned the crap out the pump, cleaned the magnet off and she runs!

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You obviously filled up too roughly for the deteriorating plastic... lol

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