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How to verify age of NZ DT125 1979 in UK for registration


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Hi everyone.

Hope this message find you well.

I am a new member here and most likely will ask a lot of the questions that have already been asked. Pre apologies...

I am shipping a 1979 DT 125 from NZ to UK as we are moving home to Scotland. 

The bike is matching frame and numbers here in NZ. Not road registered though.

It is essentially a rolling frame that needs a full restoration, but the bones of it are healthy.

I love DTs, had loads as a kid.

I also will be sitting my bike license in the UK and will be restricted to a 125 for a while until I can apply for a full license. I cant think of a 125 id rather have. 

So, finally... My first questions.... As far as I know, this bike is old enough to not require and MOT or TAX as its is over 40 years old.

A friend who has a vintage Suzuki told me that he has been able to verify its age through the Suzuki owners club, and then register his bike this way.

Does anyone have any experience of this or could offer any advice/






P.S I will be documenting the restoration/modification of the bike, and will most likely have a ton more questions. 

The bike needs and engine rebuild and didn't come with a exhaust or full wiring loom so it will be a resto mod rather than a concourse rebuild/restoration.


So here are the list of planned mods for the numbers matching engine:--- Expansion Chamber and silencer. Boyeson Reeds. Light port mods, matching an de burring etc. 12v Conversion. Electronic ignition. Pod Filter and re jetting. I want this one to just run well and be healthy.


I also have a second engine that I will go a lot more "extreme" on with the "Big Block" 175 head and piston and more extreme tuning / porting etc as I don't mind this engine suffering an early death. i had read somewhere a while ago of someone grafting a Yamaha Blaster 200 head on to one of these


Feel free to throw in your two pence worth of tuning advice, parts list or recommendations etc.   Please don't suggest  "getting a bigger bike" as it has to be a 125, or disguised 175... until i have a full license, and even then. this is about tuning a 125, not getting a bigger bike.


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Hi Ben, Welcome to the group and to this side of the Planet!

To get free MOT and free road tax you have to first have your V5C registration documents issued by DVLA to state 'HISTORIC' in the taxation class. I can't help you how to obtain the V5C in the first place though! Someone else will hopefully explain how you go about importing a bike into the UK and getting your V5C.

Here's my actual account of how I changed my V5C to HISTORIC.

as mentioned in the text , it's not an automatic process just because its over 40 years old. From DVLA's point of view they are quite happy for you to pay Road Tax, they won't tell you that you can get it for free, nor will they tell you the Bike is elgible.

Incidently, whilst the road tax is 'free', the MOT side of it is; YOU are declaring that it is SAFE to be on the road, and are taking full responsibility for it meeting the road safety standard for an Historic bike. Although there is nothing stopping you putting your bike through for an MOT and paying for it.


You also mention you'd like to do a 12v conversion, well I too did this to my DT175MX over 10 years ago and here's the indepth account on how I went about it, have a read if you haven't already. Usual disclaimer applies. This was my bike, no idea if it would work on yours!


well, there's a start for you, once again welcome to the group, whilst your here, why not pop over to the new members section and do a brief introduction,which always goes down well.


All the best


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Phew " sounds like a big project,  you can pick up  a decent DT   here for the money it"l   cost to ship/restore  that one,  to get a V5   you"l  need the old title/log book, if not , you"l need a dating cert,[  Aircooled Rd  club do them ],  mind you need a N.O.V.A.  number when importing ,[ duties  cert ],,

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