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mystery engine


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hi I've just joined so hello to everyone. My all rounder bike is a 2003 Fazer FZS 1000, which I've owned since new. It was silver but is now white with red blocks, that's down to foolish behaviour when riding in a group, story for another time.

I recently acquired a DT175 which is not bad, actually has an MOT; the owner threw in a few spares, including a Yamaha engine, looks like i's for an off road or trail bike, twin spark plugs, but he didn't know what it was off, photos attached. If anyone can identify it, please message, thanks.






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I was a bit confused at first OT1 ? in your text...., on zooming in to the engine number it's a 'C' not a 'O'....it's a CT1.  Which is definitely a DT175  1973 to 1975. (Page 124 Haynes manual 210 brown cover)

I know the early 70s AT2's (125 &175) had dual spark plug holes. As far as i know they weren't designed to run with twin plugs as one thread hole was often plugged. However, my mate had one and had both holes with spark plugs,(like your photo) when one became fouled up he'd pull the HT lead and put it on the 'spare'.

It doesn't look like an AT2 though as the plug holes were either side of a central fin. Your photo shows one directly in the centre and one offset.


P.S. you might want to remove the serial number in your posting to CT1 XXXXX . instead of supplying the full number to any potential cloners.

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Hate to be THAT guy, but...


1/ This is the wrong forum for this, I see no request for forum help here...

2/ Why not pop up one level into the New Members Welcome Area and make a post introducing yourself and your hobbies/interests, and after that we (by which I mean those that know DTs) can delve into your project! :D

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