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I had total faith in my newly acquired XVS650 Custom - until a 100 mile trip down the A1(M) to London and halfway back again, when engine misfires began, increased and reduced speed to a sufficiently dangerous 30mph on the hard shoulder to get be off at the next roundabout.


Gel battery swollen and drained.  Overcharging?  Rectifier not tested but I have bought a substitute.  I'm more troubled by the misfires which to me suggests CDI issues.  The bike is nearly 20 years old and has probably not seen too much top top speed travelling, being (I think) mostly used as a commuter in London.)


Given that the bike is no longer in production, eplacement CDI units on eBay range from about £180 (for a pre-owned unit which could be no better than the one I have) to £500 for an aftermarket new substitute part.


Bloody hell! - when I think back to gapping points....


I'm getting an auto electrician to confirm analysis but it seems a common problem with the range,


Advice, anyone?



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not keen on gel batteries with older charging systems, AGM batteries seem to be better to take the voltage spikes. If it just misfiring then hopefully the CDI is ok.

I would test the rectifier and stator along with a decent brand battery like yuasa

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