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Importing DT Parts from the US...


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So today after over a week of trying I finally get a response from DHL that my parcel is in the hands of Parcelforce and has been for the best part of 2 weeks and is awaiting import duty to be paid. 🥳

I  was supposed to have been notified by them sending a postcard but once AGAIN I didn't get one. No email or text either. 🙄

I recently tried importing some engine casings and the exact same thing happened, waited patiently until my patience ran out then got on to the seller whose attitude was "I got your money everything else is your problem" so I had to go chasing carriers to find out where my parcel was and on that occasion it had sat in the parcel place for so long that they gave up waiting and sent it back to the US. I believe they give it 14 days from the date they send you a card out. On that occasion I was so fed up waiting I told the seller to shove it and got a refund. Oh and the reason I didn't get a card from Parcelforce was because some bellend there put the wrong postcode on it and it went to the wrong address!

On this occasion I contacted the seller over a week ago and got pretty much the same response that it was "out of his hands" and if it wasn't for my persistence this would have been sent back to the seller as I didn't receive a notification from Parcelforce or anyone else. As this is one of the rarer DT175MX parts (Rear inner fender) it would have been a disaster. Luckily I got to it in time and paid the duty 😫 and now it's coming tomorrow, thank fook!

The moral of the story here is if you're importing, to not wait patiently because of this sodding virus and keep tracking until it arrives and if something doesn't look right then get on to the seller or the carrier. If it wasn't for my persistence on this occasion this could have been another import I never got. 

All's well that ends well. 😊 Phew!

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It got here safely in the finish, no thanks to me. If I'd have waited "patiently" a few days more it would have been sent back to the US and I could have lost it.

Anyone who knows DT's knows these are rocking horse. It's in really good condition too. 🥰


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1 hour ago, blackhat250 said:

Yip,,,i"v stopped buying from USA  ,,£-$     rate   & global shipping rip off,,, good buy tho ,,

Have bought a few things from the US and some of the postage is a piss take especially when you see how much cheaper and faster it is from countries just as far away.

They always take so sodding long as well! I've had stuff arrive from places like Indonesia, Australia and Thailand that I ordered after, that have arrived a week or more before my US purchases have. Have had 2 deliveries so far take over a month.

Managed to get some rare parts at  reasonable prices though that I couldn't even find or was outbid on in the UK. The one good thing I like about buying from the US is that they're always 'BUY IT NOW'.

So many times I've been chasing parts in the UK and have lost out because they're up for auction and have gone for silly money.

People with DT parts in the UK know what they've got and what they can get for them.

Bottom line is if it's something you need to finish a build then you've got to have it.

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