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Xvs 650 dragster. Jolty randomly goes into high revs.


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Hello all 

I wondering if I could get some advice. I have recently bought a xvs 650 dragster 97. 

But when I first taken it out it was jolty, wasn't very responsive, and revs wound just go up and sit their then drop again. When I was ridding and release the throttle the idle was to low and it would cut out. 


I then taken it back cleaned the jets on the carbs out 2 of them was blocked and it ran sweet for an hour she was responsive no jolts or back pops rode a dream. Until on the way home she went back to running dig shit.

This morning I stripped the jets cleaned them, fuel filter and air filter and put in some nice new fuel bit she is still running like a dick head. 

If I can have any advice or if this has happened to you and know what the issue is I would really appreciate it?

Cheers martin

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Funny how it was good after a clean,,  i would take carbs of:welcome:f ,and get them ultrasonic  cleaned ,,

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