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Time has come...

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TDR is money in the bank, probably better atm. Still insured and ready to rock it just feels so slow and peaky next to the max. Nearly binned it riding it after the max. One needs practically kicking round a corner the other goes there almost by telepathy.

Putting the effort of a max into the bars of a tdr is quite a, life defining moment.

Have to say its been 30 years coming as the tdr and the max did live on the wall of my bedroom as a snotty sixteen year old. The TDR was first as I could not afford a max when I could afford a tdr, 12 (fuck me where did it go) years ago they were practically giving them away. 

Now I had the opportunity for the max and I grabbed it. For now i'm keeping the TDR.

Killer garage though, DT175, TDR250 and a modified Vmax. What more could you want?

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