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Should you buy a Yamaha Extended Warranty?

D Towell

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I bought an extended warranty for my Stryker 3 years ago.  It expires this year.

Last Spring when I uncovered my bike, I found the plastic surface of the clutch cover had become wrinkled.

I called Yamaha to find out how to get the cover replaced under warranty and was told I had to go through my dealer.
I contacted the dealer twice, first in February and then again in May.  Nobody from Yamaha contacted me.
I finally got in touch with a manager at Yamaha Canada and this was his reply:

Good afternoon:

I am not showing a file in the warranty system regarding your request for warranty coverage but I just consulted with the Warranty and Service staff. They viewed the photograph sent to Diane but I am afraid that this would not be covered under YPP (see below).

I have seen chrome damaged before due to what are considered ‘environmental conditions’ and oddly you will find units stored in damp places are susceptible. I also know that many owners warn against storing units near pool cleaning supplies. 

I am afraid we are unable to cover this under the terms of the YPP contract.

My bike was covered and stored in a dry garage all winter.

There were no cleaning supplies nearby and I do not have a pool.  Other similar parts were not affected.

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Right first off Hi and welcome to the YOC, next did you read the warranty front to back? I only ask as in most cases these things are written in such a way that any and all claims can be refused due to one clause or another, I would however suggest that you contact a good general claims lawyer to see what he might make of the wording of the warranty, most are not worth the paper they are written on and usually only cover stuff that rarely if ever goes wrong in the first few years. Other than that tell them you will never buy another bike from then, it won't do any good but makes you feel better to swear at someone about your problem. Sorry if this doesn't answer the question in the way you wanted but these things are just a way to add to the sales bill. :icon_sad:

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If the rest of the bike is in excellent condition then I'd dispute any environmental factors and supply appropriate pictures of other parts of the bike to show that it is a manufacturing defect rather than any storage issues. 

I had some webbing on the front forks of my XVS/V-Star 1300 but the dealer took photos of the rest of the bike and close-ups of the chrome etc which was perfect so Yamaha replaced the forks under warranty.

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