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how do i re-register an old bike

The Sparrow

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i have a mate who bought an early YB100, the person he bought it from only knows it had 2 previous owners, he wants to restore it, unfortunately he has no registration plate or registration documents, it is not stolen, he has the engine and chassis numbers, can someone advise me how i can re-register it so we can restore it and get it back on the road

Many Thanks... Mark

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HI,   Get a form from P.O.   or online ,, fill it in  ,send to DVLA,    ,i did it  and i had a number plate , turned out the plate was of another bike same model,,,  nightmare it was , inspection was called for,,,,, good luck ,,,i hope it ain stolen  oe HPI was settled  ?

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Cheers for the advice.. i didn't think it was gonna be easy, its not stolen.. we don't think, my mate got it as part payment for some fabricating work, were want to restore & rebuild it,. kick off a few memories...  but if we cant register we don't want to spend the money on it

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On 12/29/2018 at 11:24 AM, Cynic said:



//////////???????????????? ,  TEST ?    you  on the krakin too,?

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Ah. Forgot about that. Did mean to delete it. For some reason some threads dump me out to guest status on the forum if I try to post and then I have to reset the browser/cache clearout to log back in. Have been trying to find out if there are more that do it. 

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